I’ve been reflecting on something I heard in the Q and A at the end of the Original Strength (OS) certification I attended a couple weeks ago.   A participant asked Tim Anderson (OS founder) how to engage people who would rather do “sexy” workouts like CrossFit in Original Strength training.  An interesting choice of words to describe a CrossFit workout.   Personally, I can’t say I’ve ever considered Thrusters and Burpees sexy. Is a pull-up sexy?  Perhaps! Tim answered the participant by suggesting we apply a big picture approach to the matter, and it need not be one or the other.  It is about more than working out.  Our goal is to engage people in healthy, independent living throughout the lifespan. Tim’s belief is we were meant to move, but not necessarily in the formal ways we do today, which are pretty much borne out of necessity.  Use it or lose it. We were made to move but our current societal set-up of commutes and desk-jobs have made many of us sedentary.  Anderson’s sum response to the participant’s question was “What I think is sexy is being 95 years old and able to walk to my house, up my stairs and collect my mail, get down on the ground to play with my grandkids and take my dog for a walk.”  He went on to say that sexy to him is about having a good quality of life and being happy, states which are aided by freedom of movement.  Move Well. Live Well.   Thank you, Tim, for keeping it real! Moving on. Upcoming Athletics Workouts to keep us going strong.  A shot of endorphins to the brain always helps the mood on a dark November day!

WOD Wednesday 11.4.2020 6pm

Leg Day

2000-meter row

50 Box Jumps

50 CKB* Goblet Squats

1000-meter row

35 Box Jumps

35 CKB Goblet Squats

500-meter row

20 Box Jumps

20 CKB Goblet Squats

WOD Notes:

*Controlled Kettlebell Goblet Squats.  Looking to slow these KB goblet squats down with a small pause at the bottom, focus on chest up, hitting good depth (crease of hip below knee joint), knees out, weight in heels (these things!).  Sets of 10-15.  Find height for box jumps that allows steady pace.  Row subs: Ski Erg 1600m/800m/400m, Echo 75cal/35cal/18cal

Friday 45  4pm 11.6.2020

10 Rounds

15 Wall Balls

150 m run

35 weighted get downs after round 5.

WOD notes: Use Med Ball, Sandbag, DB or other best object for get-downs. Wall Ball weight = 1-2 sets to 15 reps.