“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish, and stupid.” – Epictetus

If there’s one thing we can guarantee ourselves, it’s that we’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to fall flat on our face and embarrass ourselves. It’s just part of the way.

But if we promise ourselves one thing, everything changes. The promise to uphold the willingness to learn.

To take the failure from “this isn’t for me” and translate it into “I’m not there yet.” It’s never a challenge of, if we can do it or not… but rather a challenge of how bad do we want it. How hard we’ll work for it. We can sit and wallow, or we can meet fire with fire.  Picking up the pieces, binding and mending them together, to ultimately make them far stronger than before.*

Bottom line, when things don’t go your way, grow the wiser and don’t let it stop you!

4pm 3.19.21 

Warm Up:

1 min each:

Ring Rows or Scapular Retractions on hands and knees

PVC Overhead Lunges

PVC Kneeling Rotations

Wrist Rolls/Shoulder rolls



4 Rounds with a pair of dumbbells

50-meter weighted lunge

350-meter Farmer’s Carry

WOD Notes: A simple couplet of basic movements that work your entire body!  A.K.A. grunt work that gets the job done. 50 weighted lunges in place = approx. 50 meters.  350 m Farmer’s Carry = 5 min static hold or walk-about. Weight selection = on the heavy side of moderate – looking to complete lunges in 2-3 sets and carry with approx. 3-4 short breaks.  The key to getting the most from this workout is selecting the right DB weight for you.  A doable, but tough challenge is wanted.  Use a weight you can lunge with good form, knee gently hits ground, chest is up and you stand to full extension on each rep.  Hold dumbbells in front rack or hanging at sides.  Hanging dumbbells at my side tricked my mind into thinking, “Now all I have to do with these bells is walk when I get through the lunge” i.e. no lowering of DB from shoulders and re-setting.   On farmer’s carry use weight that let’s you keep your chest up and your shoulders back. No rounding of shoulders or looking at the ground.  Keep your eyes on the horizon! This wod is a chance to practice how to carry an awkward object a long distance in a way that is healthy for the joints.  Reinforce! Stand tall, walk fast, and break before your form goes.  It is a good one!

No Equipment Home Gym Version:

8 rounds:

25 forward and back lunges

20 plank walks plus 60 second plank

Cool Down:  

10 each of head nods/rotations/hands and knees rocks/speed skaters/:60 forearm stretch :60 child’s pose or bar hang with feet on box.


*CompTrain Class Mindset reprint