In which camp do you fall? Do you want to know the workout ahead of time or go in sight unseen?  Does it make a difference to you? The case for knowing in advance is it allows you to plan.  The case against is the knowledge may deter you, i.e. “I don’t want to do that!”

Athletics has run on “a show up and find out” model, but the time has come for an experimental change.  Now workouts will be posted to the Empower blog.   Caveat! Remember all workouts will be set up to meet your fitness goals.   It you have an injury or need to preserve legs for an upcoming race or hike we’ll tailor the workout.

See below for today’s 6:15pm workout and Friday August 28, 2020 4pm class.  Workouts for Sunday Aug 30th through Thursday Sept 3, 2020 workout will be posted to the blog this Saturday.

Thursday August 27 6:15pm

5 Rounds

30 push-ups

20 Double KB or DB Deadlift

200 m run

Rest a minute

WOD Modifications:

2 min max for push-ups.  Reps achieved on 1st round will be what we hit in round 2-5 if 30 reps not obtained in 1st go.

Deadlift = weight you can complete with great form in 1-2 sets.

Midline: Tabata Dead bug

Friday 45 August 28th 4pm

On the 4:00 x 5 rounds*

5 devil’s press

10 over and back hops over DB

15 double DB squats

10 over and back hops over DB

5 devil’s press

*rounds start at 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00


DB burpee/squat thrusts/get-ups for devil’s press

Line hops/skipping/box step ups for DB hops

Aim for min :30 sec rest between rounds.  We’ll organize weights and movements to accomplish.


40 ab mat sit-ups/50 sec center plank/60 sec belly breathing

Hope to catch you in the gym soon!