New Year. New WODs!  Let’s get ready for our first solid week of 2021 with a workout and a re-stocking of our fridges with less festive fare.  It will be worth it!

11:15 am 1.3.2021

Warm Up:

  1. 10 Full Body Rocks, 20 cross crawl squats, 40 glute bridge walk-outs, 50 flutter kicks
  2. 10 minute pull-up and get up mountain*

*Complete 1 pull up then 1 get up, then 2 pull-ups and 2 get-ups, continue adding 1 rep until 10 mins is up. See how far you get!   Alternates to work pull-up strength = a hard ring row, dumbbell rows from box/bench, standing barbell rows or one object rows.  If doing single arm rows complete reps on each arm before moving on i.e. 1 row on right arm, 1 row left arm and then 1 get up.


Buy in:  800 m run/row/ski/bike or fast exaggerated walk x 4 mins (200m route x 2)

5 Sets:

10 Deadlifts

15 Plank-ups

20 Weighted Glute Bridges (plate/dumbbell)

25 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds:

During rest complete either 20 cross crawls, standing head nods/rotations or focus on nasal breathing.

Buy-Out:  Repeat buy-in

WOD Notes:  Think quality of reps over speed for each movement.  Use run or alternate for cardio in wod.  Minimize arm throw in ab mat sit-up to increase work on mid-line and lower cardio.  Squeeze glutes hard and pause for a solid second at top of glute bridges before lowering.  Ensure slow, controlled lift off floor with deadlift, look out at horizon, keep chest up, lats tight and bar close to body, stand up fully tall.  Use barbell, dumbbells or kettlebell for deadlift and find weight that allows unbroken reps. Plank ups can be done from knees or substitute push-ups.  Low cardio option:  leave out run and complete 2 rounds of re-set below after workout.

1 min hands and knees rock, 1 min frog roll, 1 min bird dogs, 1 min speed skaters, 1 min bar hang.

Home Gym:  If no reasonable deadlift weight available, sub paused weighted squats (hold for count of 5 at bottom) for deadlift or odd object swings and/or increase reps to 20.

Cool Down:  dragon/pigeon/thread the needle/child’s pose, high five.

Stronger by day.