Hail! The sun is back in town! Here is what is on tap in Athletics Wednesday and Friday this week.

9.15.2020 6pm


DB Floor Press

Ring Rows


15 Wall Balls

200 m run

Mid-line:  100 Dead bugs

9.17.2020 4pm

50 Calorie Row

50 Dumbbell Shoulder Press

50 Pull-ups

50 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High-pull

50 Squat Thrust Burpees

50 Toes to Bar

50 Calorie Row

Using row as an extra warm up, we will allot 38 minutes max to tackle this Chipper. Let’s set ourselves up to keep moving through each station but with a sufficient challenge.

Toes to Bar modifications:  Reduced reps. Feet as high as possible. Strict hanging knee raises. Toe Raises, 100 ab mat sit-ups.

Pull-up Modifications:  Banded pull-ups. Ring Rows. Reduced reps.

Row = 600 m run or 40 calorie Echo or Ski Erg.