Great hard work in the gym!  Flying strongly into Fall in this beautiful City!

9.30.2020 6pm

Closing out September with this 30 minute AFAP (as far as possible)

Round 1: Complete 2 times without setting down dumbbells:

2 db lunges

2 db hang power cleans

2 db see-saw press

2 db push press

  • Do 5 burpees before starting next round

Increase reps by 2 each round i.e. round 3 = 6 reps each movement (2 xs), round 4 = 8 reps each movement, round 5 = 10 reps of each …

At 30 minutes. Stop and go straight into a 400 m recovery walk.

Finish: Tabata Ab-Mat sit-ups and stretch

WOD how to:  Starting with 2 reps of each movement, run through complex 2 times without letting go of dumbbells i.e. complete 2 dumbbell lunges, 2 dumbbell hang power cleans, 2 dumbbell see-saw press and 2 push-press, then run through it again. When 2nd set complete put dumbbells down and do 5 burpees.  After burpees, start round 2 but this time complete 4 reps of each movement, aim to not set down dumbbells, do 2 times then complete 5 burpees.  On 3rd round increase reps to 6 for each movement x 2 …  See how far you can get in 30 mins i.e to 12 reps per movement or 14?  Tips: Go lighter and take an extra second of rest before you start new round if it will help you go unbroken.  Focus on extension in presses, straight arm with bicep by ear at finish and tight midline throughout.

10.02.2020 Friday 4pm (45 mins)

WOD: Odds

5 Rounds:

21/15 Cal Row*

18 odd object ground to overhead

15 odd object box step-ups

12 weighted get-downs

Finish:  45 gait-bugs/:45 plank

Gym ODD objects fall under category of plate, sandbag, medicine ball, slam ball.  Select objects that allow for a relatively fluid get-down, a tall, steady step-up and a stacked finish overhead.

*sub 200 m run, 250m erg/bike