Thanks so much for accommodating this weekend’s change in schedule due the Original Strength Pro-Reset Certification.  The course has inspired me to add a ROD (reset of the day) to our workouts to give our bodies, minds, and spirit extra care.  RODs to vary and will be found in warm-ups or cool downs or WODs.  Be on the look-out for it, like a Waldo…

Beautiful Fall weekend! Lucky us!

Sunday October 25, 2020 4pm


1 min basic breathing position

2 mins Hamstring rollouts

3 mins Shin-Box flow

1 min bar hang


7 Rounds:

10 DB Push Press

15 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

20 Ring Rows

200 m run

3 Rounds

:70 second plank/35 pausing dead-bugs

WOD Notes:  Looking for challenging push press and deadlift weight that can be completed in unbroken sets when fresh – i.e. last 1-2 reps are effortful. For pausing dead-bug hold opposite arm and leg down for a count of 4 before switching limbs.

Sunday Home Gym*

7 Rounds

10 pike push-ups, basic push-ups or counter top push-ups

15 body weight sumo-squats (with or without jump)

20 plank-up downs

Run sub: 20 mountain climbers or 10 burpees

*no equipment version.  If dumbbells at hand substitute bent over rows for ring rows – 15 a side if light weight, 10 heavy.  Switch deadlift to double dumbbell front rack squat if dumbbells too light to replace deadlift – i.e. looking for last couple reps to be a push.

Monday October 26.2020 6pm

*10 mins pull-up program


21 Front Squats

42 Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead

800 Meter Run

15 Front Squats

30 Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead

800 Meter Run

9 Front Squats

18 Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead

800 Meter Run


Leg-up breathing 1 min

Baseline crawl 2 mins

Bird-Dogs 1 min

WOD Notes:  Pull-Up program – looking to determine our hardest 1-3 rep pull-up – assisted (bands/rings) or not. Front Squat barbell from the floor or DB, set of 21 to be done in 2-3 sets. Stimulus 20-30 mins.