This is my favourite thing.  The Personal Best board!

CrossFit is tough.  The WODs can really beat you down.  Some days are down right discouraging.  And then you score a personal best performing a skill that you have never been able to do before!  There it is, quantifiable progress.  Proof positive that the program is working.  That all those frustrating hours of toil are paying off.

I remember the pride I took when I wrote down my first set of 10-consecutive double-unders on the personal best board at CrossFit Vancouver.  My first 3:15 Grace.  My first 225# Clean.  My first parallette HSPU.

Those were all years ago and if those numbers don’t look impressive to me now it is only because of all the personal bests I’ve scored since then.  And in August I decorated our Personal Best board with a couple more bests.  And I’m not alone.  A few more Dunbar Street CrossFitters made their mark last month.

Super Mario, Peril, Smash, HHH, MK, Shine, 2Badd, The Calm, Minion, sprite, Crusher, Yeti, PomPom, Tamahock, Music Man and Dangers all celebrated personal best performances in August.  Let’s hope for more of the same for September!

And one more important note:
Never compare yourself to anyone else.  It is irrelevant.  It is all about being better than you were yesterday.  No accomplishment is too small to celebrate!

Cherish every breakthrough performance, revel in it, savour it, then get back to work knowing that you have just raised the bar and you’ll have to work harder tomorrow.