What a great turn out!  Thank you to everyone who joined us Saturday at Jericho Beach Park for our award picnic/potluck/BBQ party, despite so many Empower members being out of town on vacation, the turn out was excellent!

There was so much delicious food on the table that I could not even sample it all.  The weather was great.  As was the conversation.

We got a great game of Hooverball going.

Commissioner Smash helped me present the awards though we were missing several of the award recipients.  We started with the 2021 Spirit of the Open Award Nominees as voted for by you:

Nomination Nominee
1. She trained through the very cold -40, ski jacket & etc. & brought to the open such amazing strength & balance. Handstand shoulder taps & pistols. Wow!

2. I am so grateful she took the judging course & was willing to judge on zoom – saving us from family drama.

– I am inspired.

I was so inspired by the whole family. I thought of the effort it takes me to coordinate getting an open workout scheduled… nothing in comparison to bringing out 4 children and keeping them warm, fed and entertained while my partner did a work out. I love that they even brought popcorn once. So in the spirit and had a theme every time. Scored firsts like a bar muscle up…, all in a days work. The kids also being so fantastic in their smiles and waves for their panting parents. Gave it all in a wod but still had a smile and a wave for the kids. Anyway I just think they embody the true spirit of community and inclusion that we are trying to encourage. They are incredible role models to all of us. So I vote for the whole Hart family for Spirit of the Open award. Fierce & Menace & fam
She was supportive, encouraging, unstoppable, determined. 2020 didn’t stop her, and she continued her momentum taking the 2021 Open in stride. From the judges course to the workouts, she demanded nothing but the best from herself and the early birds lucky enough to be in the gym with her.  Dauntless
She inspires without even trying. 

She’s selfless when it comes to sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks to help us better ourselves. 

She motivates and encourages us all and  celebrates all our little victories with such enthusiasm. 

And she has just the right amount of vulnerability to succumb to peer pressure.

Thank goodness she signed up for The Open or my experience would have been much less enjoyable and stimulating. 

Hard Rock
Great sports, made it easy to judge as well. Rocket & first time competitors
Doing skills one legged is the epitome of dedication and persistence.  That is truly epic! Motor
Got me to join the open Shorty
Very encouraging, had lots of tips and is very humble. He went out of his way to come to class to judge and gave us tips on videos to watch to help prepare.  Mr. Fantastic
He was so supportive and inspiring!! Mr. Fantastic
2021 Spirit of the Open Winner
She was there every Friday, and then every Saturday morning, she was there, giving me the confidence to continue.  Never mind she was awesome and with her shoulder, she just made it fun and made it easy to judge and be judged. Shades
She gave weekly tips, coaching, and judging Shades
I bet she judged more total workouts and more different athletes than anyone, offering tons of encouragement along the way. Shades

Of course our 2021 Empower COVID Games Official Cat-Herder Smash got his official Commissioner jersey in thanks for all his hard work.  The gift comes with strings of course as now that he owns the official commissioner jersey, we expect to call on his aid for future Empower community events! 

Instead of medals or ribbons, this year we had team jerseys custom made by Kai at Oddball Workshop for our winning teams in each category and they looked fantastic.  Here is a list of our winning teams:

Diaper Division Doomsday Divas C-Note, Jedi, The Force
Spring Chickens The I’m-Peckable -3 The Touch, Still Waters, T-1000

40 is the New 20 2 Young Chicks & An Old Dog Smash, DT, HHH

Hey Kid, Get off My Lawn! Aged & Marbled Beef Boyz Electric, AV, Mr. Fantastic

I’ve Fallen & I Can’t Get Up Snap, Crackle, Pop Hammer, Sass, D’Knee

It was a great event.  There were kids, dogs, family, neighbours and friends in attendance.   It was so wonderful to gather together again!

Monday Make Up Day

1. Hang Squat Clean


2. Andi

100 Hang Power Snatches

100 Push Presses

100 SDHP

100 Front Squat

  1. 50m Burpee Broad Jump

45 Alt Jumping Lunges

400m Run

4. Empower Reset #21
1 min Breathing on Back

30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations

30 Crosstouch Dead Bugs

10 Egg Rolls

30 Windshield Wipers

10 Rocking Chairs

30/30 sec Prone Head Nods/Rotations

1/1 min Upper/Lower Body Rolls

20 Judo Push Up Rock

30 Crosstouch Bird Dogs

10 Sit Throughs

10 Crosstouch Plank Bird Dogs

3 mins Shin Box Basic & with Hip Raises

1 min Leopard Box Crawl

1 min Crab Box Crawl

10 Full Body Rock

20 Cross Crawls

10 Cross Crawl Squats with head turn

10 Cross Crawl Lunges with head turn

Kung Fu Stick