It isn’t always possible to get the WOD done at the gym.

This makes it challenging to participate in events like the CrossFit Open.

But every year there are stories of Empower members overcoming obstacles in order to complete all 5 weeks of competition.

In the extreme, one year someone travelling remote regions such as the mountains of  Bhutan, improvised a cliff-side WOD by tying bricks to the ends of a bamboo pole for thrusters.   CrossFit HQ accepted the workout submission video.

No Empower members had to go to those extremes for Open WOD 20.1 but once again, Shine managed to get hers done despite being on the road.

And Jedi earned points for her Intramural team by submitting her photos and caption in advance of the Saturday deadline:

A delightful Open WOD at the Pender Harbour Fitness Centre this morning with my daughter Sydney. Do I get bonus points? – We had to fight off the Elk herd to make it into the gym 🙂 – Jedi

Points, yes.  Bonus points, no.  Some WODs are less portable than others but you can earn your team points by completing them while out of town.  All that is required are photos or videos of you doing a portion of the WOD including who you are, where you did the WOD and who with.  If you are submitting photos, please include a brief text description as Jedi did above.  With videos you can simply tell this information to the camera.  Must be submitted to me by the Saturday of the scheduled WOD.

Four fun weeks to go.  Keep up the great work!