July 17 2015

4:15am.  Sleepy morning but happy to get back into action & back to routine. (0)

Chicken burger & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
Cool walk to work this morning (-1).  Had to put on an extra layer to protect me from the Vancouver pre-dawn chill.

CrossFit group classes played with the Front Squat Pyramid.  As the sun came in things heated up and how!

Same as above minus juice
I ended up napping at my keyboard before groggily rousing myself for the WOD.

12 min AMRAP
10 DB Squat Snatches @75#
50 Double Unders

To approximate the weight I used the red KB.  A heavy squat snatch for me.  To spare my back I mostly did KB Power Snatch & then a KB OHS.  This was the tough part of the WOD.  Sets of 50 DU winded me but didn’t really slow me down. 2 rounds & 10 reps. (-2)

As above plus coconut water (+1)
After the noon class I settled down to get some work done.

As above no coconut water
Worked on strengths: floor press, shoulder press, TGU, plus some pistols and muscle ups.  My left shoulder feeling a bit wacky so I took it easy. (-2)

As above

After coaching the evening did the last nutrition talk.  Sunghee picked me up saving me a walk home along Dunbar.

Beef jerky, berries & coconut milk

Read a bit and then to bed.

Daily Totals
Sleep 0
Sun 0
Walk -1
WOD -4
Food +3

Balance 0