This Saturday we have a couplet of bar muscle-ups and overhead squats on the menu. This is supposed to be a moderately fast workout. For the overhead squats, pick a weight that allows you to do at least a set of 5 when fresh.

You can snatch or clean and jerk the bar before starting each set of overhead squats. If you are choosing the clean option, you should do a dip drive and move the bar from your rack position to your shoulders, widen your grip and then push jerk the bar overhead.


If you do not have a bar muscle-up yet (or are not close to get your first bar MU), each bar muscle-up is replaced with a pulling movement (like pull-up, ring row, bent-over row) and a pushing movement (like ring dip, ring push-up, push-up).

For those of you on zoom, you can do the overhead squats using a dumbbell, or an object like a backpack.

See you all in group classes, on zoom or in the open gyms.



Big Cat


Warm Up, 1 min each

– Shoulder pass throughs

– Reverse lunges

– Judo rocking push-ups

– Plate Squats

– Lat pull-ups (or bent-over rows)

– Full body Rocks



-Bar muscle-up progression

-Overhead squat



For time:

-15 bar muscle-ups

-5 overhead squats

-10 bar muscle-ups

-10 overhead squats

-5 bar muscle-ups

-15 overhead squats

@ 125/185 #


Cool down

–          Shoulder circles

–          Trunk rotation

–          Dragon pose/pigeon pose

–          Downward dog/child pose