I Can’t Breath was the only thing I was thinking in the middle of round three of Barbara Ann. As my wet mask was getting sucked to my face, a sudden feeling of panic entered my mind and I started to have erratic breathing.  I need to quit was sneaking in the back ground of my thoughts.

As I pulled my mask away from my face I had to actually have a conversation with myself. “You got this! Small sets and you will get through this. Don’t let a piece of fabric beat you” To make a long story short I made it through and round three was not the only time I had to talk myself into finishing.

For a lot of us this sounds more like a nightmare than a good training session. But for me it was a great opportunity to work on my pacing, working through adversity, and to bring awareness to my internal dialog. It was great to get on the other side of this one.  I even was able to pr my drag rope double unders.

On this workout you should bring an extra mask (or two), a towel for the rest periods, and a plan. Hopefully you can all learn from my little bit of adversity this week. I look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym for Barbara Ann.



Warmup / tech

Workout movements


Barbara Ann

5 rounds


30 Deadlifts 95/135#

40 Sit-ups

50 DU

3 Minutes of rest

Cool down

Downward dog

Child pose