The workout of the day will be classic bench mark Barbara. For those not in the know Barbara is five rounds of twenty pull ups, thirty push ups, forty sit ups and fifty squats. You will also take a three minute rest between rounds.

For me typically this is a very high intensity fast paced workout but with all the things going on right now I had to pull myself back. How did I do this you may ask, put on a weight vest  add in strict chest to bar pull ups and did the rest of the movements that vest on and so I could continue to tell stories while moving.

You may be thinking this sounds too easy but I really miss High intensity Barbara and hope this slower paced version helps me next time and allows me to appreciate her a little more.

For those of you in the open gym executing the workout this way is a great way to work on your gymnastics movements. And for those of you on zoom you can try this too or find a good pull up progression and go hammy in the comfort of your own home.

See you on zoom and in the open gym


QOD: Toughest bench mark workout?

Warm up

2 rnds

Inch worm

Hollow hold

Squatted shoulder pass throughs


Workout movements and modifications



5 rnds

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats

Cool down

Dragon and pigeon pose

Child pose