Tonight’s Q&A with Coach took us in some unexpected directions.  Drive through PNE mini Donuts (not coach approved) led to an informative discussion on the merits of air fryers.  A conversational wrong turn led us into the mind trap of trying to navigate Richmond’s maze of streets.  Certainly not the category of questions I had quite prepared for.

One question I did feel equipped to answer was about the benefits or bare foot training.  I’m a strong proponent of this for physiological, neurological and microbiological reasons.  I’m all about efficiency so any time a training habit can positively impact three health categories, I’m all over it!

Obviously I’m not alone in this.  Kstar talks primarily about the physiological impact.  As does this study on barefoot running.  There’s not much profit to be made in selling bare feet so it’s a bit tougher to find great research on the neurological payoff to ditching your shoes but it’s out there if you look hard enough.  And there’s even less available on how going barefoot outdoors can positively modify your microbiome.  Then again, most people haven’t even started to recognize the significance of a healthy microbiome so I’m probably a decade ahead of the curve on this one.  Just remember you heard it here first.  Get barefoot more often and get outside to play.

Sunday WOD
Warm up 

20 mins Slips
S: 2 mins yoga flow 
2 min body rocks
L: 1 min single leg L hold ( left then Right)
1 min L or w sit 
1 min L raises
I: 1 min hold
2 min press/ slow lowering
1 min pike push up
P: 1:20 (left, middle, right)
S: 1 min on left foot
1 min on right foot
2 mins alternating eyes closed

Front squat

Front Squat

Cool down 
Knee to chest rocks
Single leg to chest
Happy baby
Wind mill stretch