Woke to 4:15am alarm.  Breakfast and on my way to work.  A mild Vancouver walk up Dunbar.  A long day but a more manageable to-do list.

Fun WOD for the group classes.

5:30am Skipper, The Dawn, Dolly, Bruiser, Sandman, Dr. T & Dangers
6:30am HHH, FeProf, Early Makmama! G-Money, Big Cat, BFG
8:00am Big Boss was in for a WOD

10:00am I took on the first of the 2015 CrossFit Regionals Events: Hero WOD Randy

75 Snatches @75#

For the Regionals a short bar was used so I used the 25# bar which was not actually short enough.  But it did make it easier.  My last Randy grip fatigue was a limiting factor.  Not today though.  Cardio the only limiting factor.  And mentally not being in it.  5:44 was my finish, 15 seconds slower than last time.  Actually not bad, only a few reps slower.  I expect if I was on the thicker 45# bar it would have been over 6 minutes.

Was worried my sore ribs would limit me but didn’t feel them at all during the WOD.  In fact they felt somewhat better afterwards.

12pm Shine & Jersey

Did some cleaning.  Beginning to feel on top of things as my to-do list shrinks.

In the afternoon played with fun movements like bar overs, inverted burpees, leaping over boxes, dive rolls.  Threw a bit of skipping, handstand walking & pistols in there but mostly focused on stuff that rarely turns up in WODs but entertains me a great deal.

5pm The Calm & Driven
6pm steadfast, Mighty Mouse, MK & Aquagirl

7pm Fundamentals

8pm SJ & Joe
9pm Walked home along Dunbar.  Like the morning, a mild evening.  Was starving when I got in at 9:30pm.  Sunghee & Kaelin got in late.  By the time we’d taken our turns in the shower and made our way to bed it was well past 10:30pm.