You Can Change Your Attitude
Thanks to athlete Amy Bream for a bit of perspective.  A valuable reminder that yes, you can change your attitude!  You are responsible for the attitude you bring.  No other people.  Not your circumstances.  Not the bad stuff that happened to you today.  Just you.  You are the one responsible for the energy you bring.

Fix Your Focus
If your attitude is within your control, why are so many people unhappy?  Tony Robbins shared three ways that people create unhappiness by focusing their attention on the wrong things:

1. Do You Focus on the Past, Present or Future?
The past can’t be changed.  You are powerless to change the past.  Focussing on the past leaves you powerless and depressed. 
The future is unknowable.  You have limited power over the future.  Focussing on the future creates anxiety.
All your power is in the present.  Right now, in this moment, you have the power to create the person you want to be and the world you want to live in.  Your actions in this moment ripple out into your future. 

2.  Do You Focus on What You Have or What’s Missing?
The world will never be perfect.  Other people will never be perfect.  You will never be perfect.  Do you focus on and complain about what is missing?  Or do you celebrate and give thanks for everything that has gone right for you?  This doesn’t mean passively accepting circumstances you don’t like, it just means starting from what is good and then making it better.

3.  Do You Focus on Things Within or Outside Your Control?
The world is a big scary place, especially if your mind is engaged in solving problems outside your control.  You cannot stop war and killing around the world.  But you can generate peace, love and understanding in your immediate family and in your community in your daily life.  Instead of wishing for the world to change, try to embody the change you wish to see in the world.  Use your power within your sphere of influence to make this world a better place.  Focus your energy and attention on the things you can change and you will discover just how powerful you can be!

Are You Compassionate to Your Future Self?
Jordan Peterson once pointed out that people who behave immorally simply think on a much shorter timeline.  They take benefit today in trade for suffering tomorrow.  Conscientious, honest people do the opposite.  Stealing today may earn you a quick buck but it erodes trust in those around you and you must always live on the run from those you’ve stolen from.  Being honest earns the trust of others and that will pay off in the long run.   Honest people simply take a longer view of the world and opt for the richer future payoffs instead of impatiently snatching up the marshmallow in front of them at the moment.  Same goes for sharing.  It may cost you now but it pays off later.

I like to practice this same kind of compassion with my future self.  When I finish eating, I do the dishes so my future self won’t have to.  I’m always so grateful to come into the kitchen to find clean dishes ready for me in the drying rack.  Likewise, I work hard in the gym so my future self can enjoy the gift of a healthy, functioning body.  I’m always so grateful to have the strength and mobility that allows me to play.  I don’t particularly enjoy training but I do enjoy feeling strong, healthy and capable.  It’s like tooth brushing.  Not my favourite pastime but it sure beats rotten teeth!

Does Your Mind Control You? 
David Goggins reminds you that this is simply not so.  Your mind may be a noisy chatterbox but it does not control your actions.  You do.  Your mind may try to steer you clear of discomfort but discomfort and obstacles are how you grow.  And a little secret: You’re either growing or dying.  You are either challenging yourself and growing daily or you are letting yourself fall into decline.  You get to choose: the discomfort of growing or the discomfort of declining.  Choose carefully, your future self pays the price for your present day choices.

Be a Gift to the World
The biggest shift for me came when I stopped asking what the world should give me and started asking instead what I could give to the world.  In my life I have been so truly blessed.  With love and health and wealth.  Through no good and deserving deed of my own I was born into a time and place free of war, illness, violence and filled with love and security.  How can I give back and give thanks to this world?  When you stop focussing on what you want to receive and start instead focussing on what you would like to give, your world and your relationships open up.  You cannot feel anxious or scared or sad or depressed when you are focussed on giving.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  With your whole heart.  Give back to the world and see what kind of joy that brings.  Feel the power that floods into you!  See yourself as the amazing gift that you truly are! 

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Unknown

Friday Choices
Due to a programming mismatch between CAP and CFHQ many of you did benchmark WOD Helen April 26th.  If you missed it, you are welcome to try it out Friday.  But for those of you who already did it, we have a very special treat in the form of Tyson v. Mayweather Exhibition Bout.

Warm Up
3 Rounds:
1 min OS Push Ups
1 min Leopard Crawl
1 min Single Unders

Tyson Push Up or OS Push Up
Mayweather Get Ups or Boxer Lying Hip Raises
Double or Single Unders

Tyson v Mayweather Exhibition Bout
6 Rounds:
1 min Tyson Push Ups (3 points each)
1 min Mayweather Get Ups (2 points each)
1 min DU (1 point each)
1 min rest

*Scaled options valued at 1 point each