Run, back extensions, sit ups.  This is the kind of WOD that The Touch does well at.  So if I can’t beat him at it maybe I can get a bunch of other people to do it for me and enjoy victory vicariously.  That’s what good coaching is about, isn’t it?

5:30am Sandman seemed a likely bet as well as a man with the motivation to crush The Touch.  But Sandman came in looking wrecked after a late night of drinking and needed guidance from Dr. T to make it from station to station in the warm up.  7 minutes into the mile run there was no sign of Sandman and I knew something was wrong.  As everyone else made their way in except him, I began to expect a cab to pull up.  He limped his way in on a cramping calf which he blamed on a weekend run – not his night of drinking.

He finished on the Airdyne with Road Warrior.  Dr. T & Clue completed RX’d.  No one beat The Touch:(

6:30am Only two?  Really?  Where is everyone else?
G-Money had to Airdyne to protect some nasty blisters.  BFG completed RX’d and became the first to beat The Touch’s score by a precious 4 seconds!
9:15am A great turn out!  Quicksilver, Princess, Shine & Doc Disc all completed RX’d with Quicksilver & Doc Disc shattering The Touch’s time.  Quicksilver was a fast 24:48 and Doc Disc’s text to The Touch read simply: “23:09 drops the mic”.
Go, Benevolent & Kanga did a scaled version of the WOD.
12:00pm Noon saw Motor & HHH on the Airdynes with Brick, Smash, Tamahock, Skipper & Mr. Fantastic completing RX’d.
Smash posted the day’s fastest mile with a 6:15 on his first run!  And Skipper won the prize for the day’s best dressed:)
5pm Taskmaster had to finish on the Airdyne and PomPom had to finish early to avoid vomit but Jersey, Super Mario & Captain all RX’d it.  Magnum & Bruiser?  What do you think?  Did they beat The Touch?  Of course they did, and everyone else too!  Top times in the gym: Magnum 21:10, Bruiser 22:27.  Think back to our UBC security team 20 years ago with that roster: Magnum, Bruiser, Dr. T & his two equally strong and athletic brothers and all of them in their prime.  We did keep the Student Union Building safe!
6pm Open Gym was the most competitive class of them all!  Shades rowed the run and freshly returned 2Badd did a scaled version after his 3 week break but The Law, Still Waters & Aquagirl all threw down all three of them besting The Touch.
8pm Springs was on the Airdyne, Bat Girl, Big Cat & Terminator all RX’d it, the last to run Dunbar Street today.  Vancouver blessed us with glorious running weather for today’s CrossFit WOD.
It was fun taunting The Touch with every win but as much as I say we are doing it to bother him, I know he is as thrilled as I am.  When we first started out no one would have dreamed of beating The Touch.  Most of our athletes could not even beat me on this sort of WOD despite my weak running and yet here we are a couple years later and our members have turned into beasts!

You could argue that Bruiser & Magnum were incredible when they started but a year or two ago Doc Disc, Quicksilver, BFG, Still Waters, The Law & Aquagirl would have been unlikely to win this one.  Watching everyone progress is so exciting for us!  You have come so far.

Keep pushing us and keep pushing each other!