On Tuesday you get to tackle a twenty minute AMRAP of floor press and L pull-ups. Because we only have one bench in the gym, for most of you it will be a floor press instead of a bench press. This is a great movement because it forces you to work from the stick point, keeps you from bouncing the bar off your chest, and can be much safer for your shoulders than a normal bench press.

Zoomers you will need a challenging pull up progression and an L sit progression. On top of the pull up also make sure you have an object for your floor press. A back pack, dumbbells, kettlebells or odd object will do for this. If ninety five or one thirty five will be a struggle, for twenty one reps, we suggest that you use dumbbells or kettlebells instead of the barbell. This will help your weaker side catch up and help you work towards heavier weights with the bar.



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Thought of the day

Over the weekend the first CrossFit semifinals happened. I did not know how much I missed the sport of CrossFit.  It was really exciting to see live events and what the top level athletes are capable of. While there are many athletes that stand out for their performance and capacity two stand out to me in particular.

The first was Kara Saunders and the second was Travis Mayer. Both athletes are in their thirties, have children, businesses, and are still able to training and compete at the games level. It amazes me the level of balance they must have in their lives to make this work. I look forward to watching these two athletes compete in Augusts at the games.

Our challenge to you: next time you want something rather than just dismissing it and saying you can’t.  Try look at what you would need to sacrifice to accomplish it and then you can really choose if the juice is worth the squeeze. This way you can choose or not choose and that will bring you power. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: What is more impressive from a 130lb athlete: 30 unbroken C2B or a 210lb squat snatch?

Warm up

7 Minutes

10 shoulder pass throughs

5 lat pull ups ¼ pull or bent over rows

10/10 L Raises

5 inch worm with a push up


L Pull-Up

Floor press


20 Minute amrap

21 Bench press 95/135#

21 L Pull-ups

Cool down

Arm circles

Grip stretch

Flag pole

Egg beaters

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