I teared up a bit this morning as the loyal 5am crew came in for this morning’s WOD; 7 in the gym plus 2 on Zoom.  It felt so right to see the space occupied again and hear our music playing though the sweetest music was the song of the skipping ropes during double unders.   

Motor, BFG & quicksilver joined me for a workout at the 7am Open Gym.  And the 9:15am was evenly split with 4 in the gym and 4 joining via Zoom.   Discussing which equipment we missed the most, the barbell and pull up bars got by far the most mentions.

Everyone followed our safety procedures as laid out and the space really worked for this workout even allowing us to accommodate a 7th person without difficulty.  And now you can choose between in-gym workouts and Zoom workouts based on your availability and preference.  Coach The Touch even has an outdoor workout option running today at 4pm for those who are interested.

So you have three different training options available for you.

Today we discussed which equipment members missed most during the gym’s closure and pull up bars and barbells easily won the voting!

Warm up
3 rnds
1 min inch worm with push up
1 min squat ( air, goblet, front)
1 min TGU

Set up pull up
Warm up thruster
DB thrusters
L pull ups

scale to be challenged
While trying to be unbroken
Cool down 
Post squat
Hip cross overs
Pull throughs