“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”- James Clear

Thought of the day

Every January we have those people around us that say New Year, new me. In January they are fired up to make it the best year ever. But sadly far too often people fall off this path way to early and are not able to make the habit last or see any major change.  My first book of 2024 was Atomic Habits and I want to share a few tips to help you stay on track. One, make it easy, two make it desirable, and three create an accountability system.


Most times when we want to make a change we try to tackle the whole thing at once. Sadly this leads to overwhelm, breaks in the habit, and most often a downward spiral away from any lasting change. Success breeds success and having too big of a thing to take on leads to a lot of opportunity for failure. Instead, work backwards and start with one little change you can consistently make. For me the little change is starting my day off with a glass of water and having water before any other beverage at my 4 meals. It’s easy and gives me a minimum of four opportunities to win each day. Make it easy and you will stay on track as you move to harder pieces.


Most of the time when you are making a change you are in a place of “I have to” rather than “I want to”. You technically only really have to breathe. Yes there are consequences for doing or not doing something. But really you are privileged to be able to get to do the things you do. Driving your kids to their sports or afterschool activities can be a great opportunity to spend quality time. One day, opportunities like these may not be available to you. Enjoy what you have now before it’s gone.  Add an element of fun or something that you enjoy to the tasks you feel you have to do. For example you can play your favourite song on the way home from a crushing workout, or you get to have coffee only after you complete it. Rather than living in the “Have-to” bubble, find a reason to make it a fun thing for you to do.


Accountability is key. Most of you will lie, cheat, and steal from yourself. But once you have accountability to someone you love, respect, or look up to you will do it all day. Next time you are still struggling, after making the task easy and desirable or if it’s too big of a shift, find who you can be accountable too. Our coaches are here to support you. One way to make this happen is write a contract between you and the other person of what you will do. Then have both of you sign and date it after agreeing on what is expected and the consequences for not following through. The act of signing and being on the same page as someone will keep you on track. You will now be in the boat together working towards your goals.

If you really want to have a “new you” don’t talk about it. Be about the habits that will make it a reality. Start by making an easy win, find away to make it desirable, and when push comes to shove find someone you to be accountable to. If you use these steps you will be on track to the best version of yourself.



  1. 3 rnds

15 Hang power snatches 65/95#

15 pull ups


  1. 5 minutes

Row 500m

Max Wall balls 14/20#

5 minute rest

Row 500m

Max med ball cleans 14/20#


  1. Deadlift



  1. OHS



  1. Shoulder press



  1. 1-2-3-4-5

Wall Walks


Box Jumps 20/24”


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