Apologies for being out of touch.  We have been away on a vacation of sorts.  My laptop came with us but as busy as we were it never got turned on.

What a coach wants for his/her clients is to see them succeed at life, to fulfill their dreams.  This weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of that dream fulfillment for one of my very long time clients: Big Boss as he and his family moved into their dream home on Vancouver Island.

And what an epic move!

6am Friday morning Natasha picked us up and off we went in two vehicles and a horse trailer to catch the ferry.  Excited conversation over an All Aboard breakfast (minus toast).  I napped on the drive from Nanaimo but woke as we pulled in to see the island paradise.  12+ acres with a spectacular lake front view, stables, boat house, guest house and many out-buildings and a wonderful garden.  It was breath taking.  Neither words nor photos can properly capture it.

And the charming historic house on the property is a gem as well, every room taking advantage of a different – yet equally breath taking – view!

We had some down time to explore the property before the big moving truck pulled in.  And it was packed.  Time to work.

I have to admit that I was not at my best, not fully recovered from our move on Monday.  Last week’s lack of sleep and lack of food did not make for perfect recovery.  So I paced myself, slow and steady, not my usual frenetic pace.  In the evening a fresh crew of movers showed up to help us.  One was 50 years old and he not only lifted more than anyone else, he sprinted with the loads.  He confided in me the secret is to eat lots of real food during breaks.  Not junk food, healthy stuff: protein, fruits & vegetables.

It was a long day but by sunset the big truck was unloaded and we ate a BBQ dinner with gusto.  Sleep came easily.

Saturday morning was time for unpacking.  Then off to the store for stall mats and feed for the horses.  Those stall mats were heavy!  The kids were loving the place, riding the John Deere mower and exploring the wooded areas.  We discovered a pear tree with the best pears ever.  Later in the day I hacked a path through the reeds so that we could launch kayaks into the lake when they arrived.

And arrive they did just around sunset.  A 2nd moving truck with a smaller load to unpack.  By the time we were done it was dinner and then bed.

Sunday morning it rained as we worked and the property still looked lovely!  Horses, dogs, children all over the property.  But soon it cleared up.

Today we fetched hay.  125 bales.  As a teenager I tried baling hay only to have my allergies put me out of work.  This time I persevered.  The allergies were awful but otherwise the work was fun, stacking the hay in the loft for the winter.  Good food and good sleeps have my body feeling somewhat recovered.

In the evening we were joined by guests from the neighbourhood.  An interesting group of folks and some fascinating conversation.  And a feast.

Monday morning it came to an end.  Big Boss drove us to the Vancouver ferries where we bumped into Polo a former client and I ate 3 breakfasts!  A couple buses and Sky Trains later we were back to our Dunbar Street home.  A home not quite as unpacked and organized as the one we had just left on the island.  We have work yet to do!

So that was our big vacation for 2015.  Can’t say we had a lot of down time but we enjoyed ourselves and it was a brain break.  I didn’t do any CrossFit but my body got plenty of functional work.  It was very exciting to see people we love realize their dreams.  That is what Empower is all about and we are thrilled to have played a part, however small.

And over the weekend Sunghee was inspired by an idea that excited us all.  Natasha & Bog Boss helped flesh it out.  But to learn more you will have to come back tomorrow;)

Until then.

May all your dreams come true!