On Sunday we have a new take on a classic benchmark. The new version is three rounds of an eight hundred meter run and thirty overhead squats. Do you feel prepared for this bigger version of Nancy?

Nancy has always been my most challenging benchmark. I am still haunted by the memories of having no shoulder mobility for the overhead squats and taking almost an hour to get through the original version. Going into this bigger one, on a cold Thursday morning, my mindset may not have been as empowered as it could be.

Good news though, action is the key. Once I got started I was reminded how much my overhead squat has improved since those early days. I was able to do more overhead squats unbroken each round finishing with thirty unbroken in round three!  Sometimes it not about how you feel about something but the actions you take towards it.

For many people the action step is the one that is missing. We all have goals and places we want to be but sometimes taking the appropriate action or getting in motion can be what hold you back. Not knowing whether you will be victorious or fail miserably can be intimidating but if you take the action it’s also were the magic lies.  This is true in both in victory and in defeat.

How will you take steps this long weekend to move the game forward for yourself? We look forward to seeing you in the open gym and on zoom.



QOD: when was action been required?

Warm up

2 rnds  (1 min each)



Shoulder pass throughs

Side plank


Snatch drops



Run  ( 800m Ski, 1000m row, 1200m airdyne, 1600m Echo)


Big Nancy

3 rounds

800m run

30 ohs  65/95#

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Shoulder pass throughs

Dragon and pigeon pose