CrossFit HQ programmed a big one for us today!  5 rounds of 800m Run, heavy bench press & weighted pull ups.

The Vancouver weather was variable.  Some classes got to run up Dunbar Street in the sun, some got rain.

Some teamed up for the WOD, others went solo.  In either case most did not have enough time to finish this big one in the allotted time.

A few people RX’d the pull up weight but only Magnum dared RX the floor press and he even finished 3 rounds plus a run at RX’d weight before the time cut off!
G-Money got her first pull ups and followed up with 24 more!  Looking great G-Money!
A handful of folks actually completed the whole WOD:
BFG, Smash, Haiku, Skipper, Springs, Shades, G-Money & Quicksilver
IMG_3249IMG_3306IMG_3334IMG_3341 IMG_3267IMG_3270IMG_3271IMG_3269
Great effort & great perseverance everyone!