Sunday WOD


3 minutes at an easy pace:

Schwinn Airdyne, or

Rogue Echo Bike, or

Rower, or

Ski erg


4 rounds, each for time, of

Bike 1 mile

Rest as needed between efforts.

Use a stationary bike, air bike, or find a 1-mile course to repeat each round.

For those joining me on Zoom, you can substitute the bike for 1-mile run or a mile on any cardio equipment you have. You can also do 200 double-unders per round or 400 single unders per round.

Record your average time on ZenPlanner.


Couch stretch, 30s each side

Hamstring stretch – feet shoulder feet apart, reach hands down towards the floor and hold for 30s

Lie down on your back, pull one leg towards chest and hold for 30s; repeat on other side

Stretch medial glutes and lower back – lie down on your back, put one ankle over the other knee and pull towards your chest and hold for 30s; repeat on other side