This Saturday you will get to take on an AMRAP workout of bike and 3-way pull-ups.




It will be weighted, strict and then kipping pull ups. A 1000-m of biking (or other cardio movement equivalent) is the buy-in for each round. The goal for today is making sure you fully open the shoulders at the bottom and clearly get the chin over the bar at the top.





See you all on the zoom, in group classes or in the open gym.



Big Cat


Warm up

2 rounds:
-10 Shoulder pass throughs
-5 lat pull-ups/bent over rows
-10 OS push-ups
-5 False grip ring rows/bent over rows


-Pull ups/Variations


AMRAP 30 mins:
-1000-bike/400-m run/500-m row/500-m ski
-3 weighted pull-ups @35/45lb
-5 strict pull-ups
-7 kipping pull-ups


Cool Down