In today’s workout, we will be doing 7 rounds of 1:00 minute of hard intensity biking, rowing, or using the ski erg then we rest for 1:00 minute. We want to push the intensity of each minute of work. Since we don’t have enough cardio machines to accommodate everyone, we will have a partner – Partner A works while Partner B rests.

General warm-up:

5 rounds:

:30-seconds easy pace

:20-seconds moderate pace

:10-seconds hard pace

Rogue Echo bike, Schwinn airdyne, rower, ski erg


How to get faster times on Rogue Echo bike or Assault bike

Skiing technique using the Concept2 ski erg

Improve your rowing


7 rounds for max distance of:

Bike 1 minute
Rest 1 minute


:30-seconds each side of:

couch stretch

pigeon pose

frog stretch


downward dog