Shine Cooking Club
Quick.  Easy.  Tasty!  I never watch cooking shows.  I have exactly zero interest.  So I am quite surprised at how enjoyable these cooking club dates have been.  Cooking along with Shine and everyone else was super fun.  And at the end we had a tasty treat to reward our efforts.  Next week Super Mario will be hosting us in his kitchen.  Rumour is he’s got some culinary skills so you’ll want to join us next Tuesday at 6pm for that!

Blankie or Stuffy?
A fun 10 rounder today.  And another glorious day of sunshine!  Today we asked members what childhood toy they dragged around for comfort.  Mine was a white blanket with pink flowers on it that I named Pinky and could not sleep without.  I’m embarrassed to admit how long I dragged that thing around with me before it finally disintegrated.  Forty five was a tough year for so many reasons!  There were, of course, a few macho Empower members who gruffly proclaimed that the only comfort they ever needed was a cold slap in the face, some bicep curls and a mouthful of nails to chew.  Oh, you hard cases!  Most of us, however, admitted to needing something a bit softer to snuggle.  There were a few other items offered but for the most part you could divide people into security blanket toters (5) or stuffed animal cuddlers (11).  We could all do with a bit of comfort these days.  But lacking that, here, at least, are some social distancing self defense moves you can break out next time you find yourself out in a public place.

Thursday Workout

Warm up
3 rnds
1 min high knees
1 min inch worm ( no push up)
1 min TGU
1 min kick up or wall walk

Skipping drills
Figure out burpee space

100 DU
21 Burpees
75 DU
15 burpees
50 DU
9 Burpees

Cool down

COVID 20.2
Not quite as fun as 20.1. Double unders and burpees left me gasping.  Without a skipping rope I substituted penguin claps.  It was still tough.  Round 2 especially I had to stop every ten jumps or so to catch my breath.  Enjoy!