It was a mild Vancouver day and we got lucky in that the rain held out until after the last CrossFit group class handed completed their run around Dunbar Street.  Tabata push ups, 2 mile run, Tabata bottom-to-bottom squats was the WOD.  It produced more whimpering, grunting, swearing, collapsing and tears than I have witnessed in a long time.  I think its safe to say that everyone enjoyed it.
CrossFit_Empower_VancouverCrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (1)
Great work getting through it and props to those who were able to RX it it including: Sandman, Yeti, Dangers, Peaches, G-Money, Quicksilver, Music Man, BFG, Shine, Smash, Jet, Jersey, Magnum, Bruiser, Super Mario, Beastor, Still Waters, Mr. Fantastic, Prime.
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (3)CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (4)
Yeti and Sandman had quite a race pushing each other to today’s top scores.  Magnum was also able to complete in under 20 minutes!
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (2)
Among the ladies we had strong performances from Quicksilver, Jet, G-Money, Bruiser & Still Waters all of whom finished under 25 minutes.  That’s a strong cohort of women!
Suffering is certainly more fun when we do it together.  Looking for good friends to suffer with?