For Tuesday our workout will be a seven minute amrap of box jumps and cleans. Because it is a short one you will spend the first twenty minutes on slips. This will make sure you get some general movement before we get into our specific warm up.

I really enjoyed this one. The seven minutes both went very fast and very slow. I kept a talking pace and made sure each one of the heavy cleans counted.  We will make sure to challenge you on these two movements.

For those of you on zoom make sure you have something to clean like a back pack, barbell, kettlebell, family member, or dumbbell.  And for the box jumps you can do step ups or jump overs.  Because you may not have the height or weight you need we will challenge each of you on getting through more rounds. With this in mind, I will ask each zoomer to call their shot before the workout. How many rounds can you get in seven minutes?

Seven minutes of fun is not just a great name for a band but will also describe Tuesday’s workout. Looking forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym it will be a great day for a workout.



Warm up

20 minutes of SLIPS


Clean drops

Build clean

Box jumps


7 minute AMRAP

5 Box Jumps 24/30”

3 Cleans 155/225#

Cool Down

Shoulder pass throughs / grip stretch

Dragon/ pigeon poses

Wrist stretch