Today’s CrossFit WOD was a short AMRAP of box jumps & GHD sit ups.  We hit it in heats.

The dot drill warm up though was probably today’s highlight.  The burpee punishment at the end earned a burpee tutorial from Sandman (check the video) and a spanking from HHH.
CrossFit on Dunbar
In a rookie move Terminator paired with JenX to count dot drill errors.  The intervention of a couples’ counselor was almost required.
CrossFit in Vancouver (1) CrossFit in Vancouver (2)
G-Money & Motor worked diligently on weaknesses between heats.
CrossFit Empower
The early morning crew true to their word showed up in droves to make sure no coach gets to sleep in this holiday season.
CrossFit early
Honeymooners Mr. & Mrs. Dolly & Steel were back in action
CrossFit return
This being the holidays we saw a flood of families
CrossFit Family
Good to see group classes still going strong through the holidays.  Looking to stay in shape through the holidays?  We are here for you