Early in my training years 30 years ago I hired 4th place Canadian Strongman competitor a 6’5″ 350lb Chuck Haas to write me a training program.  We were working together as bouncers in my parents’ bar and I wanted to beef up from my Judo competition weight of 150lbs to 180lbs.  The program he wrote for me included 3 days of weight lifting each week separated by days of rest during which I was instructed to do nothing but eat and rest.

Training, Chuck explained, was the stimulus to trigger adaptation, but it is only during rest that the adaptations can occur.  Training without rest provides stimulus without the opportunity to actually benefit from the adaptive response to the stimulus.

The CrossFit training protocol is different.  Because we follow a complex and variable program that seeks to create adaptations across all 10 general physical skills, not just building strength and muscle, we follow a 3-on, 1-off protocol.  Though different, the rest day still plays an important role.  The rest day is not just an excuse for the programmer to take a day off, the rest day is part of the program.  It may, in fact, be the most important part.

Grinding your gears every day may get you the endorphin rush you crave but if your performance gains begin to stall you need to consider taking some days off.  Failure to abide by this will result in injury, illness, burn out and subpar performances over time.

What I’m suggesting is that you respect the make up day.  If you took a day or two off already this week and want to catch up on missed WODs be my guest but if you’ve been at the gym everyday then you need to use the make up day to recover from your training.  That doesn’t mean you cannot come to the gym.  You can come in and do some light cardio, practice some skills, do some stretching or join us for a low intensity Empower reset which will help your body recuperate from this week’s training.

Saturday Make Up Day

1) 3 Rounds
10 OHS
50 DU

2) Michael
3 Rounds
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

3) Deficit Deadlift

4) Russian KB Swing Ladder
Minute 1: 3 Russian KB Swings
Minute 2: 6 Russian KB Swings
Minute 3: 9 Russian KB Swings
Continue increasing by 3 reps every minute until you cannot complete all the swings inside the allotted minute

Score = Total minutes completed plus reps performed in final minute

5) Empower Reset #16
1 min Standing Breathing
30/30 sec Head Nods/rotations

2 mins
20 Cross Touch Dead Bug
10 Windshield Wipers

2 mins
20 Cross touch Bird Dogs
10 Judo Push Up Rocks

2 min Frog Rolls

3 min Plank Hold: Left/Centre/Right

3 mins
Max Handstand Hold
20 Cross Crawls

3 mins
Max Hanging Hold
Max Medball Squat Hold

3 mins Medball Get Ups