June 30 2015

I love my work and am passionate about it and I am a hard worker.  Problem is sometimes it leaves me too little time for my family.  There is always something that needs to be done.  June was a very busy month (a good thing) so I was stretched very thin.  Kaelin & Sunghee were busy too.  So we saw little of each other.  Today I had a chance to do differently.

Did not sleep well at all thanks to heat.  Woke at 5am feeling like I hadn’t ever really been asleep.  Sunghee had to get up and get ready to go to set.  Kaelin slept in so I got my day’s work done as fast as I could, then got myself ready and waited for him to rise.  No CrossFit today!

After a big morning hug he and I walked up Dunbar Street to get breakfast at the Cozy Inn Cafe.  Omelette & hashbrowns for me.  From there we walked into Pacific Spirit Park having a great conversation as we walked through the forest toward UBC campus.  We talked about his cadets, about his Grandfather who was a Colonel in the Korean Air force and a man whom I admire greatly.

We reached the new Student Union Building and explored it excitedly from top to bottom.  From the outdoor roof garden we admired the view of the campus.  An incredible massive building boasting such wealth.  I think it is lovely and yet I miss the close coziness of the old building, something not possible in a building with such grand architecture. Different times.

From there we caught the bus into downtown Vancouver.  Bought tickets for Jurassic Park: Lost World.  We were early so we braved the sewage scented streets bought an all-beef hot dog from vendor on Robson & Burrard.  Mustard, relish no bun.  It was good but still hungry.  Inside the Scotia Cinemas bought a chicken, bacon & lettuce wrap that was awful.  All 3 ingredients tasted wrong in a way that chicken, bacon, lettuce & wrap rarely do.  It’s a hard thing to mess up.  Because I was so hungry and had spent so much on it, I finished it and was surprised later that it did not make me ill.  Washed it down with a frozen yogurt & mango smoothie that was OK.  At least it was real mango.

We enjoyed the movie.  Don’t go expecting a great plot or acting, in fact the story barely makes sense.  Go because there are huge dinosaurs smashing things on the big screen.  Good fun.  Kaelin said “Awesome!”

We bussed home.  Kaelin kicked the crap out of me in a game of Risk.  Then almost did the same in a game of chess but I pulled myself together and managed to turn the game around in the end.  He is getting good!  Sunghee took him to a home schooler’s chess club once but Kaelin beat them all and found it boring so he never went back.

Kaelin worked on his math tutoring homework.  I used the time to catch up on my reading.  Usually I read daily posts on health & fitness to keep abreast of new studies, etc but I have been so busy the past several days that I fell behind.  Now I got caught up.  Sunghee meanwhile returned home.   It was 9:30pm by the time I skimmed the last article.  Then I got ready for bed sleepily.

I was so happy to have this great day to spend with my son.  And another day off tomorrow!  It’s been a month since I had 2 days off in a row.  It feels great.  Very relaxing.  Cooler breeze tonight making sleep more possible.