For those of you that do not know Brick he is a staple of our noon crew. Since he started in 2013 we have had many laughs and breakthroughs. If you ever need someone to box jump over a table he is your man:

1. I was working out at lunch as I do now (noon class) and was training at the Dunbar Community
Centre. I was stuck in a dull routine of riding the bike for 15-20 minutes followed by some basic
weight training. I wasn’t motivated and I needed a change.  I played competitive hockey growing up and eventually played Junior hockey. I now play in a recreation league and felt my conditioning was slipping. I would drive up Dunbar street to the Community Centre and would see CrossFit Empower. I told myself one day that if there was parking in front I would stop in and find out more about CrossFit. The rest is history.

2. My first impressions of CrossFit? Well I wasn’t sure if maybe I should get in shape before I join or not. Corey and Leon had me do an intro that included a medicine ball run around the block. It
damn near killed me (the hardest thing I have done to date at CFE). My impressions also included how humbling some of the movements were. When I first started, I couldn’t overhead squat a piece of PVC pipe. I also really enjoy how family friendly the box is.

3. My first bright spot for me as someone who likes to lift weights was when I got a 185# shoulder
press. I have loved that lift for ever and I finally got close to body weight!

4. I currently am working on “engine” work. I would really like to improve my cardio. I need to
learn to breathe while skipping etc. I also am working on technique. As some of you from noon know or see I don’t move the greatest for certain lifts and waste a lot of energy. I would like to improve that.

5. I don’t have one favourite memory to be honest. To me, coming to CrossFit is a social thing. I
love to work out with other people and rib each other in a fun way. Growing up playing hockey
we always ribbed each other and had lots of laughs while putting in the work. I also like the fact that if your having a bad day, you come to work out and that hour and change makes you forget about what’s bothering you. The people that surround you at CrossFit are what make it for me. For that I thank you all. I have made some great friendships at CrossFit that I hope will last a lifetime.

6. What are things people should know about me? Ha, well first off if I ribbed you or make jokes
with you that means I like you (I tell my wife that all the time ha).

I have two kids, a son aged 4 and a daughter who just turned 1. My son was diagnosed with ASD
last year so my wife and I have had a pretty busy year with him.  Coming to the gym at noon helps get rid of some of the stress.  I work as a property manager in Vancouver and have put some Empower members in some of our apartments or townhomes. If you ever know anyone who needs help to find a place let me know and I would be happy to help.


Thank you again to Brick for taking the time and for getting so personal with this member
profile. If you guys are ever off midday come into the gym to destress at noon.