Technology has it’s pros and cons but reluctant as I am to embrace technological innovation I must admit that Zoom has had an unexpected upside.  Thanks to Zoom we’ve been able to reconnect with Empower members who have moved away, re-integrating them into our in-gym group classes through our big screen interface from places such as Saskatoon, San Diego and Montreal.  It has been a real joy for our community to reconnect with old friends.

Zoom has allowed members who are travelling to continue their training routine as they check in from Parksville, Kelowna, Michigan and the Sunshine Coast.  It has allowed members who are not yet ready to train in the gym to continue working out with us from home.  And it has allowed members to share fitness in their own homes with their families and neighbours.

During our 2-month shut down Zoom classes were a necessary stop-gap measure but since reopening Zoom has continued to enrich our community helping us spread our passion for fitness and community outside our gym walls and into the lives, lawns and living rooms of the people we love.

A few months ago I’d never heard of Zoom and couldn’t have imagined offering Zoom-only memberships.  Today they are a powerful and popular Empower membership option!

Sunday WOD
Note: we may Need to pick one piece of cardio equipment and sub double unders, burpees or ski erg for either bike or row.

Have something to document calories and reps to help keep you on track

Warm up
2 rnds
1 min scapula rocks
1 min os push up
1 min upper body roll
1 min os full body rock
1 min TGU
1 min lower body roll

Set up stations
Figure out modifications
Review timing

4×4 minute rounds
20 sec bike/ 10 sec rest
20 sec burpees / 10 sec rest
20 sec row / 40 sec rest
20 sec row / 10 sec rest
20 sec burpees / 10 sec rest
20 sec bike / 40 sec rest

Score= calories plus reps

Cool down
Calf drops
Dragon and pigeon pose
Cobra pose
Child pose