To quote Mark Knopfler/ Michael Scott, “Sometimes you are the Windshield; sometimes you are the Bug.”  After I did tomorrows workout I had this expression on my mind.

The last few workouts have really gone my way with heavy DT, the 5×5 back squat, and Fournier. So walking into the 2009 couplet I had extreme confidence.  I came in with the idea that I would be done in under 15 mins at the high end and maybe even sub 10 but unfortunately it was my turn to be the bug. With all the driving, I did last week; my back was feeling a bit tight. I used to always have a tight back and achy knees back in my judo days. This set back offered an opportunity for me to be mindful of the light squat snatches and move in a way that helped my back loosen up.

This is the thing that still surprises me about CrossFit, even after all these years, sometimes the easiest looking workouts on paper can offer you the biggest challenge in practice. These set back always offer a great opportunity to learn.  Good news, you will learn from my error and can get a good training session in. Good news for me I have a ton of room to pr next time this comes up.

“Sometimes you are the windshield; sometimes you are the bug.” The key is to learn from these experiences and come out the other side a little wiser.

Thursday  2009 couplet

Warm up

1 min scaula rock

1 min left side plank

1 min os push up

1 min middle plank

1 min full body rock

1 min right side plank


Snatch drops


Wall ball/ thruster

Squat snatch


2009 couplet


30 wall balls 14/20

30 squat snatches 55/75


Note sub for wall balls will be thrusters


Cool down

Hip swings

Trunk rotations

Arm circles

Pull overs

Hip cross overs