Here is a sneak peak at tomorrow’s CrossFit WOD.

I had the good fortune to do this one with my coaching team: The Touch, Still Waters & HeeHee (The Law is due to return shortly) .

When we first opened on Dunbar Street it was mostly me struggling to manage the business.  I was so overwhelmed just getting through my days I did not feel capable of properly managing myself, never mind a coaching team.

Since March The Touch has taken on a big portion of the coaching and business development giving me space to gradually catch up and begin getting the business in order.  He has played a big part in getting our coaching team organized and instituting a weekly coaches’ meeting & WOD.  It has proven amazing.

We have such a motivated, creative, dedicated team that the momentum generated in these meetings has been extraordinary.  September we’ll unveil new program offerings and really kick things up to the next level.  I feel very blessed to have such great, positive people on my team.  For the first time I don’t feel all on my own in this venture.

Thanks The Touch for being there from the start.  Thanks HeeHee & Still Waters for the creativity & fresh ideas that you bring.  Thanks Big Boss, Springs, Brawn, Music Man, HHH for the business support you have contributed.  Thanks to you, our Crossfit Empower members for the groundswell of support that each of you brings!  We thrive on your positive energy!

We are so excited to be in this transitional time.  I lie awake at night thinking excitedly of all the things we are creating.  I wake early in the morning on my days off impatient to get started on our next projects.  We made a solid start in our first two years but in the words of BTO “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!” (for those of you old enough to get the reference).

Vancouver, watch out!  Something is taking shape on Dunbar Street and this shit is about to get real.