L-Pull Ups and strict HSPU, I’m sure some of you looked at yesterday’s CrossFit WOD and wondered why bother even going when I can’t do either of those things?

When people mention CrossFit, they often imagine a sweaty, breathless metcon workout like a boot camp workout.  But CrossFit is a strength AND conditioning program.  That means some days our focus is strength.  Sometimes strength training involves a barbell but you know who else builds incredible strength without the use of a barbell?  Gymnasts.

Gymnastics requires a lot of strength and developing body weight strength creates a great foundation for your fitness.  L-Pull Ups and strict handstand push ups both demand great body weight strength and yesterday was a great opportunity to work on that.  I was glad to see so many members turn up for the challenge.

Some were rewarded with strength breakthroughs.  Spice got her first strict handstand push up to abmats and completed the whole WOD that way.  Method Man got his first L-Pull ups.  And Alpha Dog got his first L-Pull Ups going from one, to two, to four in a row AND he got his first handstand push ups to abmats and completed the whole WOD with these new skills like a super hero.  Big Z remained unimpressed.  Teenagers.

It’s exciting to witness these personal bests because they lead eventually to RX’d performances.  Brick finished with the best time but Sandman, Yeti, Super Mario and Livewire also completed RX’d.  Please note that 4 of the athletes listed did not start CrossFit with these skills but have earned them the hard way training more than 6 years each!  The exception being Livewire, the only Empower member with less than 6 years CrossFit experience to complete the WOD RX’d!

Honourable mention to Crusher who RX’d rounds 1 and 2.  Given 10 more minutes, he would have finished as his pull ups and HSPU’s still looked strong.

Keep working on these skills, you will get stronger:)