June 5 2015

Woke to 4:15am alarm.  Breakfast then a walk to work.
CrossFit group classes took on a monster of a WOD today.  Very few people could finish all 600 reps in the 40 minute time cap.  Kudos to those who did: Big Boss, Brawn, Aquagirl & The Calm!  And very special mention to those who completed the whole thing RX’d: Sandman, Magnum, Bruiser & Super Mario:)  Impressive!

Sunghee dropped off Kaelin on her way to set.  After coaching Big Boss he gave us a lift to Kaelin’s school.  I walked from his place back to work.  Had an intro with a Mandarin speaker, XI came in to help translate.  Then Fundamentals, then the noon class, then a couple short meetings.  When do I eat?

Walked home in the hot Vancouver sun, got my work done and shoveled in some food.  So exhausted, just wanted to nap but time to go get Kaelin from school.  Put on my new CrossFit Empower shorts which I ordered for Kaelin & I from our new online store.  They look good:)

We walked home so I could finish my work and eat again before catching the bus (too hot and not enough time to walk) back to work.  Kaelin not thrilled to get dragged along.  Sunghee has been busy on the movie set which is great for us financially but feels like I am doing most of the housework, taking care of Kaelin & trying to run a business.  almost like being a single parent:(

And that means little time to train.

Sunghee got home early and picked up Kaelin before 6pm.  Used the Open Gym format to play around working on strengths.  Shoulder & chest strength, pull ups, K2E, T2B, some barbell TGU, MU & ab work.  Couldn’t do everything I wanted to work on but better than nothing.  Better than no WOD at all.

One more fundamentals group then I walked tiredly home along Dunbar.  My right foot hurting fiercely perhaps due to yesterday’s box jumps but maybe just from a long day on my feet.  Made my progress home slow & painful.

Starving.  Ate some dinner.  Then it was bedtime.  Exhausted.  Sleep came quickly.

Salmon, olive oil & balsamic, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice

Breakfast #2
As above minus juice

Chicken burger & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk
As above plus 2 prunes

Lacking photo evidence but am certain it happened and believe it was just as above minus prunes.