This Wednesday you get to take on a twenty minute AMRAP of Chest to bar pull ups, push ups, and alternating pistol squats. The best part, of the workout, is for every three rounds you complete you will do a four hundred meter run and everything else feels better after that run.

If you are joining via zoom, you will need to find a challenging pull up and pistol option. We will spend a lot of time warming up the movements in the tech session and make sure you have a challenging option for them. If you will be in the group class focus in the warm up and the coaches on duty will be there to help you challenge and find a good progression for these movements.

The push up may stand out as the odd movements out but as you all know it can be more challenging than meets the eye. For a lot of you fifteen push ups is not a huge challenge but that does not mean you can take this movement off. The challenge to you is to keep a solid hollow position through out and if you are unable to, you should go down to your knees or elevate your hands on a box, couch, or wall. If you want to get better for the higher level skills it starts here.

Thought of the day

It is getting warm in the gym and with this twenty minute AMRAP you may want to bring two masks. Throughout the winter months I probably had five or so two mask workouts. But with the change in weather in under a week I have already had two multi mask workouts. A little bit of preplanning will go a long way and help set you up for a more successful training session. What does your body need to be ready for this one? We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in group classes, and in the open gyms.



QOD: What is the best of the three workout movements?

Warm Up

6 Minutes

10 goblet squats

5 Lat pull ups or bent over rows

10 full body rocks

5/5 Back Samson lunges

30 sec bar hang or hollow hold


Wod movements


20 Minute Amrap

10 C2B

15 Push ups

20 Alt pistols

(Every 3 rounds do a 400m run)

Cool down

Shoulder circles

Calf Drops

Hip swings

Pull overs

Hip cross overs

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