Feeling unsettled? On-edge? Calm your equilibrium with whisper and mantra breathing.

How to:  Close your mouth and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  Take a big breath in starting deep in your belly.  Place hand on belly and feel it expand until it can no more.  Exhale slowly while simultaneously saying in whisper “12345678910” until your breath runs out.  Or, in lieu of counting repeat a barely audible mantra on the exhale such as,  “I am capable” “I am strong” “It will be ok” or another short statement that resonates.  I found both counting and mantra breathing have a calming influence and re-focus you on a quick dime.  Watch Tim from Original Strength demo and explain it more here.

Sunday 11:15 am 3.21.21

Warm Up:

40 Hindu Squats

30 Hamstring Rollouts

20 Ab Mat Si-ups

10  Slow Ring Rows

5  Push-Ups


500 meter row increasing speed


2000 m row

100 Wall Balls

4 strict pull-ups + 4 ring dips x 5 sets

Cool Down:

20 each of:  bird dogs, speed skaters, dead bugs, windshield wipers, hands and knees rocks, head nods/rotations 2 mins belly prone belly breathing (whisper into the ground!)

WOD Notes: Select Wall Ball weight that allows sets of 10.  Sub = lighter weight thrusters. Plan to spend some time on the pull-up and dip combo. Looking for a challenging progression to build strength in these movements i.e. bands, negatives, hard foot placement in ring row, ring push-ups, banded ring dips, weighted tri-cep dips.   Complete practice reps x 3-5 before workout to ensure right mods/weights at hand.  Let me check-it out. Sub: equal distance bike, run, ski for row.