It was a make up day today on Dunbar Street with three great CrossFit WODs to choose from.
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (1)
5:30am The early morning crew was all about the CrossFit Total with Road Warrior, Sandman, Yeti, Manners & Crusher all going heavy.  Meanwhile Dangers kept me entertained with the floor press.
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (2)
6:30am Quicksilver went after the 10K Row with a great score!  BFG put up some bests on the CrossFit Total and G-Money & Bruiser both RX’d the 8 minute WOD
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (3)
9:15am Thunder freaked out our Vancouver neighbourhood by pulling up in her ambulance but she was just checking for a lost library book for one of her girls not collecting crippled CrossFitters.  If she’d come a bit later she could have rescued an over zealous Doc Disc from a row gone bad.  Yes, form matters, even on the row!  Shine RX’d the 8 min WOD.  Suave put up some personal bests on the Total and The Law did some rehab work.
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (4)
12:00pm Brick & Hard Rock went heavy on the Total with Brick breaking his old shoulder press gym record of 170# with an easy-looking 75# press!  All told he posted an 855# Total just 15# behind yesterday’s high score set by Mr. Fantastic.  Who was busy with the 8 minute WOD putting up a fantastic score.  What else would you expect?
CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver (2)
5:00pm Sprite took on the 8 minute WOD alone while PomPom and Shades took on WODs from weeks past.
CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver (1)
6:00pm During Open Gym Sass & Big Boss put up big numbers on the Total while Hammer, Super Mario & Springs went head-to-head on the 10K Row.  Everyone knows Springs can row so no surprise these guys were fast but would you believe Hammer was first finishing 6 tenths of a second faster!?  That’s right, Hammer just put everyone on notice!  In the meanwhile Aquagirl was out testing Wednesday’s upcoming WOD completing with a good score.
8:00pm Outlaw is back from Taiwan and returned to action with Rowdy and Shutterbug as they did the 8 minute WOD together.

The Personal Best board continued to fill up today with lots of great scores.  It is exciting to see all of you progressing in leaps and bounds!  Keep it up:)

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