No one there to motivate you.  Sky overcast and gloomy with a chill breeze.  You’re tired.  You didn’t sleep well.  It’s been a long day in a long week and you just want it to end.  But the workout is long and filled with movements you don’t enjoy.  You just can’t depend on motivation; it will abandon you at the first sign of trouble.  It won’t be there for you when you really need it.  Rare is the day when you will actually “feel like it”.  The only thing you can count on is the determination to just swallow that bitter pill and get it done.  Even if you know it’s not going to go well.

The key to successful longevity in this sport is the ability to celebrate your victories and shrug off your defeats.  No, my time was not competitive.  So what?  I showed up.  Even when I didn’t want to: Big win number one.  And I dragged my reluctant carcass across the finish line: Big win number two.  And like Meatloaf said: “Two outta three ain’t bad.”  You’ve got to celebrate those wins and shake off the rest of it.  Showed up.  Got it done.  There’s going to be many days like that.  Your success is built upon those kinds of days.  Recognize them for the value they bring you.  Those are the days in which your character is forged, your grit fortified and you learn to become unstoppable.  Don’t dwell on the outcome, celebrate showing up and getting it done!

Pull up station or pull up substitute

Warm Up
2 Rounds: Paused Yoga Flow Left + Right Side
4 mins:
10 Ring Rows or Inverted Rows
15 Jumping Jacks

L-Pull Ups or Pull up Alternative + Seated L-Raises

5 Rounds
400m Run
50 Squats
15 L-Pull Ups

Cool Down
Calf stretch
Quad Stretch
Lat Stretch
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Cobra Pose
Downward Dog