Crossfit has always been about preparing you for the unknown and unknowable.  The Corona virus is the ultimate unknown and unknowable.  If we’ve done our jobs well then you have been prepared physically and mentally for the challenges present by our current circumstances and our community will pull together to support each other through hard times rather than fracture and splinter apart.

Heroes are the people who rise to the occasion when adversity strikes.  Today we celebrated Nelson Mandela a man who endured decades of hardship and emerged to lead his nation into a better future.  Hero WOD Mandela was a hit.  Thanks Smash for the inspiration.  Group classes turned up heroically on Easter Monday to take on this 60-minute hero-inspired WOD.  I was impressed with the number of people who completed all 600 reps!

Mid-WOD our 8am shouted abuse at HHH & Smash as they sauntered leisurely past, dog on leash in the morning sunshine while the class laboured away at the WOD Smash himself inspired.  Somebody check Zen Planner to make sure Smash logs a score for this one!

Today classes generated a great list of heroes who have made positive contributions to the world like Mandela did.  Yes, a few offered up WOD Father as their hero of choice but flattery got them no reprieve from this WOD!  Many people offered up personal heroes but I’ve included links for the famous heroes on our list because if you don’t know who they are or how they contributed to our world, you should!

Rosa Parks
Tiananmen Square Tank Man
Terry Fox (3 votes)
Bruce Cockburn
Muhammed Yunus
Charles Feeney
George Foreman
Greg Glassman
Ben Hogan
Bill Gates (2 votes)
Kobe Bryant
Alan Turing
Jackie Robinson

Tuesday WOD

Warm up
5/5 back lunges
10 hollow rocks
5/5 step ups or overs
10 L raises

Figuring out L sit target
Figure out box jump

10 rnds
30 sec unbroken L-sit
10 box jumps 36/30 (burpee jump overs sub)

For the L-sit we want to challenge ourselves. Find the hardest break down to get to 30 secs and stick to it for all ten rounds.  I.E. 2 sets of 15 secs or 3 sets of 10 secs. If you do not complete the predetermined number of secs redo that set.

If we don’t have a high enough box we will use burpee jump overs. For those who can not jump high step ups or burpee step overs.

I really like the element of the unbroken L-sit it was a good challenge and reminder to pace appropriately.

If done early SLIPS practice

Cool down
Trunk rotations
Dragon/ pigeon poses
Cobra pose
Child’s pose

Shifty WOD
In or out of the gym, CrossFit WODs continue to be mentally and physically challenging and often require a heroic determination to see them through.  Tuesday’s classes will be treated to 10 rounds of L-Sits and box jumps.  NOT my favourite day at the beach!  As Smash would say: “Gah!”  The beautiful sunny day and the gorgeous view from Acadia Beach clashed with the misery of an accumulated 5 minutes of L-Sitting.  An unbroken 30 seconds was not in my wheel house, I had to scale by doing 2 sets per round and if you watch the video you’ll see that my legs are not completely straight and my heels are not raised above hip height so definitely not RX’d but as close to Rx as I could manage.  Did I mention that I hate L-Sits?

I’m pretty sure the log I chose to jump onto was not 36 inches but with the uneven terrain and the way the gravel shifts underfoot with each jump, it felt much more challenging than a 36 inch box jump in the gym.