Are you ready to take on another version of the 12 days of xmas?  At Crossfit Empower we had our 11th annual twelve days of xmas event on December 19th and will do another version of the workout on new year’s eve. Check out the video below for the movement demos.

You all did a great job with Tuesday’s question of the day! The question was to guess how many rounds you would complete with in the Amrap. And it was fun to see how close you got to your guesses.  On average you were getting at least one more round than expected. At the High end some of you got up to five more rounds.

That question was not about if you hit the rounds or not but was more about giving you a goal to work towards. You all did a great job Tuesday and I saw many of you zoomers hit the workout with so much focus and effort. Great job and perhaps there will be more questions like this in the future.

It is not about the result but we want to set you up to put your best effort forward. In this way if you hit your number or miss it you can be proud of your effort and performance. I look forward to seeing you all on zoom and in the open gym for the new version of the twelve days.

Thursday New Years Eve

Warm up / Tech

Wod movements


CFHQ 12 Days of Christmas

12 rounds performed just like the song

1 wall walk

2 candle sticks

3 burpees

4 push ups

5 walking lunges

6 air squats

7 sit ups

8 jumping squats

9 Jumping lunges

10 broad jumps


12 Pistols

Cool down

Hip swings

Trunk rotations

  • Leon