We completed the final Fall Fitness Challenge InBody scans last week.  Participants did an InBody Scan at the start and end of the Challenge to measure their body composition. Our scanner suffered technical difficulties on the last day of the challenge and was sent out for servicing, delaying the completion of our mission.  5 Challengers were left on hold.  A big thank you to all for your patience, and understanding and for hanging in there.

Progress, from taking on a Challenge, takes many forms.  Some changes will be clear and some shifts in being will not be so readily apparent.  We had a range of experiences.  Some participants described the Challenge as a good learning experience, with many takeaways, one being that their diet is better than they thought.  A few tweaks in the protein department were all that was needed to boost their energy.  For some, it was the first time they had adopted a whole-foods diet and measured their body composition. They left with a better understanding of the benefits of a whole-foods diet.  Some participants were thrown a wrench early on with injury and family illness and were happy to maintain baseline.   Others, thrown by sickness, were shown that their healthy habits keep them fit and they know just what they need to keep progressing.

For many participants the change in their diet and fitness regime created some major changes and a couple of participants lost 10 lbs.  Many participants saw body fat reductions from 1% – 4%.  That is some fine progress for just 6 weeks. Muscle mass was slower to develop but that is par for the course.  It takes a lot of time and focused strength training coupled with increased protein intake to build muscle.  It is hard fought.  Also, sometimes weight loss must be tackled first and then muscle built. The important message here is to take a long view.  DO NOT get discouraged and throw in the towel if changes don’t come quickly.   A realistic timeline for major body composition changes is 6 months to a year, depending on where you are starting, i.e., a competitive athlete in an off-season vs a working professional with three kids who is just getting back to fitness.  Key piece, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest.  We can tend to move less as we age, which contributes to a loss of muscle mass and weight gain. Fight it. Keep lifting and fueling with adequate protein.

Watch this video to find out who won the Fall Fitness Challenge grand prize of an Easy Platter Home Chef visit.  We opted for one grand prize by draw due to the different time frames of post-scans.

It was great to have all the Challengers aboard for this ride.  6 weeks is a real commitment to see through. Well done!

Next up is our Winter Challenge in January 2024.  The components will be different but the mission is the same, improved health and wellness of participants.   Our Winter Challenge will focus on developing strong, lean physiques in preparation for Spring and the CrossFit Open!

Pics: last Monday night classes of 2023. See Gym Calendar for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day Open Gym option.

Wednesday WOD


Warm up:
A.                         B
250m row         OS Push Up/Ring Support Hold/Bar Hang
Ring dip


3 rnds
500m row
15 ring dips

Cool down