The hero’s journey always begins with a dream.  A goal to be accomplished.  In most cases the odds are stacked against the hero but they take up the quest anyhow.  That’s what makes them heroic.  While everyone else settles for the unhappy status quo, the hero refuses to be content playing the part of a helpless victim and summons the courage to take charge of their life even knowing their probability of failure is very high.  The worse the odds, the more heroic the journey.  There is nothing heroic about taking on challenges you know you can win.  That doesn’t even qualify as a challenge. 

Empower is full of heroes.  Everyday people who have decided to take responsibility for their health.  It isn’t easy.  Change never is.  If you want real transformation, you will need to develop an appetite for pushing yourself to do hard things.  CrossFit workouts are rarely easy.  And the personal challenges you must overcome to commit to getting your workouts done prove for many to be insurmountable.  But not for you.  You find a way to get to the gym and struggle through your workout no matter what obstacles life throws in your path. 

This is no Rocky movie.  You don’t spend three minutes in a brief training montage and then reach a triumphant finish to the cheers of an approving audience.  Your training montage stretches on day after day with few people even noticing your efforts.  There is no finish line and no approving audience celebrating your victorious outcome.  More training days feel like a struggle to survive rather than a triumph and many feel like utter failures.  But you push on.  Because, despite what Hollywood would have you believe, that is what the real hero’s journey looks like.

But at Empower we see you.  We recognize the struggle.  And, in victory or defeat, we celebrate your daily determined, heroic effort.  In 2024 we will be documenting the competitive journey of 18 Empower members as they prepare to challenge themselves to participate in the 2024 CrossFit Open.  We will follow the ups and downs of their progress and watch it all play out in real time in the competition space of our 2024 Friday Night Lights.  We will be cheering for them every step of the way.

In the coming weeks we will introduce you to our Celebrating Heroes cast of athletes, their goals, their struggles and their competition aspirations.  But first I’d like to acknowledge another group of Empower heroes whose accomplishments should provide a beacon of hope for everyone committing to take on a seemingly insurmountable challenge. 

In 2023 these 5 Empower members committed to completing 20+ workouts per month for 12 consecutive months and with 11 months completed, all are approaching the successful completion of their 12th and final month.  If you need motivation, insight or advice, these members can certainly tell you all about what it takes to be unstoppable as they’ve had to overcome every kind of life challenge in order to maintain their training consistency without fail for 355 days of 2023.  KMT, Shades, The Assassin, HHH and Smash are all 10 days and only a few workouts away from attaining the title of Unstoppable in 2023! 

If you are struggling on your hero’s journey and need a guide who has been there and broken through every barrier, speak to one of these Unstoppable heroes.  They can tell you what it takes to blow through obstacles, disregard excuses and overcome limitations in order to see a 12 month quest through to successful completion.  Let’s cheer them across the finish line and then use their inspiring example to help fuel our fitness quest in 2024!

Friday Make Up Day

1) Empower Reset #24
1 min Breathing
30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations

2 mins Frog Rolls

4 mins: 20 Cross Touch Dead Bugs, 10 Windshield Wipers
4 mins: 20 Cross Touch Bird Dogs, 10 Elevated Rocks 

2 mins Shin Box

Then, 5 minutes per station, with a Partner:
Station1: A. Leopard Crawl B. KB Suitcase March
Station 2: A. Ring/Bar Hang B. Full Body Rocks
Station 3: A. Squat Hold B. Sandbag Get Ups
Station 4: A. Handstand Hold B. Sled Push
Station 5: A. Chinese Plank Hold B. Sit Throughs

2) 10 Round Barbell Bear
Complete 10 unbroken rounds without re-gripping bar:
1 deadlift
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat

Score = Heaviest weight completed

3) Letendre – Chaos
7 min AMRAP
10 Thrusters
10 Bar Facing Burpees

4) 3 Rounds:
500m Row
15 Ring Dips
5 Bar Muscle Ups

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