Thanks to everyone who contributed to help us purchase our newest toy and thanks to Denis who hung around for an hour after the noon class to help me assemble it for use.

Thanks to Silk who is leveraging all the Sandman love to help raise funds to purchase some other fun new toys.

In addition to new toys we have members looking into new foam rollers for the GHD and The Touch is making inquiries about re-covering our old plyo-boxes.  I’m excited for the equipment upgrades!

Equipment wears out with use, a lot of our toys have been taking a beating since 2013 and are in need of a bit of love or replacement.  We hope to continue to provide you the best quality equipment available.

Remember, this is your gym.  The better care you take of the equipment, the longer it will last.  None of it is cheap so being gentle with our toys is a great long term investment!