A crisp but clear Vancouver morning and here on Dunbar Street the morning classes faced an important choice:  Classic CrossFit WOD Cindy or Mary?

7am Most of the 7am chose Cindy with Quicksilver, BFG & Dr. T crushing it RX’d.  Dr. T’s pull ups looked fantastic as he cruised to what might have been a personal best with the day’s top score.  Magnum chose Mary and looked strong throughout posting today’s top score in that selection.
8am A much quieter 8am unanimously chose Cindy with Still Waters & Super Mario RXing
10am At 10am Shine selected to do Mary by herself as the others took on Cindy.  Springs put his dominant gymnastics strength on display as he RX’d the WOD posting a score that put him 2nd place only to DR. T’s stand out performance.
As a coach I was happy to see everyone focused on excellent execution of these fundamental movement patterns:)