There were two parts to this CrossFit WOD.  The first was to work up to a deadlift 1 rep max.

Congratulations to G-Money, Sprite and any others who actually managed to set a new personal best in the short time allotted!
CrossFit_Empower_Deadlift1 CrossFit_Empower_Deadlift2
Then athletes set their barbells to 50% of their deadlift 1 rep max and completed sets of 15, 12 and 9 power cleans as quickly as possible restring approximately 5 minutes between sets.  It was a fun workout because most of us could complete it RX’d.

It was no surprise to see Bruiser, Hard Rock & Still Waters (freshly returned to Vancouver after Christmas vacation) dominate this one each at very different loads.
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar_girls1 CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar_girls2
The men’s competition was much tighter.  With a 315# deadlift Dangers set the pace early with 271 points.  Brick fell just shy of that target scoring 269 also based on a 315# deadlift.  But it was Mr. Fantastic putting all to shame scoring 278 based on a 325# deadlift!
CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver_boys1 CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver_boys2 CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver_boys3
It was great to see everyone taking a crack at RX’d loads.

CrossFit Empower.  Another fine Vancouver day, another great CrossFit WOD.